DIY Audio Projects for the Maker Generation

Check out our DIY hi-fi projects below and make your own.

RD Physics SW2

3D-printed passive subwoofer with a 5″ driver and 6.5″ passive resonator. The inner walls can be lined with sound deadening mat to increase mass and damping. TangBand W5-1138 drivers from:


RD Physics SW1

3D-printed active subwoofer with a passive resonator and plate amplifier. The walls can be filled with epoxy to increase mass and stiffness significantly. The enclosure is printed in two parts and bonded together. Dayton Audio DSA175 drivers from:

RD Physics FR3

3D-printed with steel-filled filament – Metal-filled filament and internal support add significant mass and rigidity. With Dayton Audio RS-100 drivers from:

RD Physics FR2

Full-range speaker with unique unidirectional carbon fiber skin.

RD Physics FR1

3D printed speaker with cellulose fiber – The cellulose fiber reinforced thermoplastic used is from renewable sources and can be recycled.