About Loupd

Our mission is to prevent waste by redefining how loudspeakers are designed, produced, and utilized. To achieve our mission we use circular economy, we have our planet in mind from the early stages of our production to the end of it.

Why Us?

At Loupd we respect the planet, tell the truth and lead by example. We use our passion for the reduction of electronic waste to create a greener music experience.


Loupd can make an impact in the world thanks to the many planet conscious minds that are as engaged as us to reduce electronic waste. Read more about our collaboration with Sulapac.

What is circular economy?

A model of production and consumption that prioritizes resource efficiency and waste reduction. Read more about the environmental impact here.

How Loupd uses circular economy?

We design products with durability and repairability in mind.

 We reuse, reshape and recycle materials and products at the end of their useful life.

Information About Us

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