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Awain car key

Awain’s visionary idea is that the very best cars in the world deserve only the very best keys. 

“When I was working in the luxury car industry, I noticed that most supercar keys were fairly non-descript and made of plastic. They lacked the exquisite craftsmanship and exclusivity of the cars they powered, which seemed both odd – and such a shame. With this insight as my starting point I organized Awain’s talented design and craftmen’s team to help me create a beautifully handrafted luxury key. After two years of painstakingly perfecting every detail, our exclusive line of keys was born.”

Jalmari Mattila, CEO of Awain Ltd

RD Physics is proudly supporting Awain in their product development program with 3D-CAD, reverse engineering, titanium additive manufacturing, carbon fiber composites manufacturing and final assembly.

Photo courtesy of Awain Ltd